Our caravan training courses

To drive with a caravan attached to your vehicle you must first complete a caravan training course . This trains on you how to safely and confidently manoeuvre your vehicle and maintain total control at all times

Before starting our caravan training course we conduct an assessment to talk through the course and structure the lessons based around your requirements and focusing on areas you struggle with thereby ensuring you can overcome them and confidently pass the test.

There are various precautions and checks required to safely drive a vehicle and illuminate potential hazards and as part of the training we demonstrate the difference between driving with and without a caravan.

Our highly trained instructors will train you on how to safely and confidently drive with a caravan and also perform various manoeuvres.

We will also train you on how to drive on different road types and weather conditions.

On passing the test you will receive a B+E license that enables you to legally drive with a heavy caravan.

The Caravan test consists of:

  • Checking your driving licence
  • Five vehicle safety questions
  • Reversing manoeuvre
  • Uncoupling and re-coupling the caravan to the vehicle
  • Driving in various types of roads