Our horse trailer training courses

The horse trailer training course is ideal for anyone involved in the training, grooming of horses or simply needs to transport them. Our course provides you with the necessary skills to safely drive with a horse trailer in a variety of conditions.

Our instructors start by taking you through the course content and structure and how it can be adjusted to meet your personal requirements and needs.

As part of the training we will demonstrate how to perform safety checks on your vehicle to ensure it is road worthy.

We will also train you on how to confidently and safely manoeuvre your vehicle without causing harm or distressing the animal.

Our highly trained instructors will not only ensure that you pass your test, they will ensure by the end of the course you are highly skilled with the ability to confidently drive with a horse trailer and safely carry out all manoeuvre.

When you have passed the test you will receive a B+E license that allows you to legally and safely drive with a horse trailer.

The horse trailer test consists of:

  • Checking your driving licence
  • Five vehicle/trailer safety questions
  • Reversing
  • Uncoupling and re-coupling the horse trailer to the vehicle
  • General road driving
  • Maintaining a safe speed

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