Our Trailer Training courses

B+E trailer training provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to tow a trailer safely on the roads, it also opens up doors for many new and existing career prospects.

Before starting our towing course our driving instructors will inform you about its content and structure and how it will be carried out based on your individual requirements.

We will teach you the necessary skills and knowledge on how to perform safety checks on your vehicle and trailer to ensure it is safe to drive.

We will also take you through safety measurements and precautions taken while driving with a trailer

There are several reasons why people take trailer training courses i.e for personal or work. Our priority is to ensure all our students are taught all the necessary skills needed to safely and confidently tow a trailer while on the roads.

The Trailer Training test consists of:

  • Checking your driving licence
  • Vehicle and trailer safety questions
  • Reversing manoeuvre
  • Uncoupling and re-coupling of the trailer
  • On road driving covering all types of roads

To find out more about our towing legislation