Our Ambulance Driver Training courses

To become a paramedic you must complete an ambulance driver training course which allows you to drive patients to hospital in emergencies.

Before starting one of our driving courses we take into consideration your individual requirements and structure the course around you.

You will be trained on how to perform safety checks on the vehicle to ensure it is safe for road use.

You would also be trained on how to drive heavy vehicles safely while ensuring you remain in complete control at all times. Different manoeuvers will be taught to ensure you are highly skilled and capable of safely driving an ambulance and pass your test.

On passing the test you will receive a C1 license that enables you to apply for the ambulance services.

The Ambulance Driver test consists of:

  • Checking your driving licence
  • Five vehicle safety questions
  • Reversing manoeuvre
  • General road driving
  • Independent driving