Our C1+E Training courses

Learn how to tow a trailer behind a heavy vehicle in this course that is perfect for various career paths, this C1+E training course trains you on the essentials needed to drive safely and get to pass level.

We make sure that we fully understand your requirements before starting the course to ensure that you get the most out of our services.

Our driving instructor shows you how to correctly check the vehicle to safeguard the safety of yourself and others on the road.

We demonstrate how you should drive on the road with a trailer attached to a heavy vehicle and train you to get to pass level.

We teach you how to control the vehicle when you have a trailer attached. We train you so that the goods that are being transported are not damaged.

On passing the test you will receive a C1+E license that enables you to drive a C1 vehicle with a trailer attached

The C1+E test consists of:

  • Checking both parts of your driving license
  • Five vehicle/trailer safety questions
  • Reversing manoeuvre
  • General road driving
  • Uncoupling and re-coupling of the trailer correctly to vehicle