Our Motor Home training courses

We understand that driving a motor home can be daunting experience, our motor home training course aims to increase your confidence and provide you with all the skills needed to safely drive and manoeuvre your motorhome.

Our highly experienced instructors will take you through all the necessary safety checks and cover in depth all the aspects involved such as carrying out manoeuvres, driving and parking, revision ensure you gain a high level of skill and become highly confident in driving a motorhome leaving you with more time to enjoy your journeys and holiday.

This course will be suitable for both complete beginners, more experienced drivers, the course is highly flexible and will be adjusted to meet your individual needs.

On passing your test you will receive a C1 licence that will allow you to legally drive a Motor home.

The Motor home test consists of:

  • Checking your driving licence
  • Vehicle safety questions
  • S Reverse Manoeuver
  • Assessment of your general road driving