Our C1 Training courses

Pre 1 January 1997

You should have Category C1 on the back of your driving licence, followed by 107. This is a restriction code that will not allow you to tow more than 750kg. You will need to take the C1+E test to lift the restriction code 107 which will then allow you to tow a combination upto 12000kg.

Post 1 January 1997

You may not have C1 on the back of your licence. To take the C1 test you must have a full Category B licence and be at least 18 years of age.

To find out how to get your C1 licence and more about the test click here

LGV 7.5 Tonne Training

We have a number of 7.5tonne (c1) courses from 1 to 3 days with a pass rate of over 85% you could gain your c1 entitlement in a few days and open up more job oppertunaties with in the transport industry

Ambulance training

Ambulance training is a must if your training to be a paramedic. We offer courses to suit your lifestyle and your work commitments. We understand the importance and need for passing C1+E course first time, that’s why your in safe hands with our 85% pass rate.

Horse Box training

Not keen on reversing a trailer? would you like to transport upto 3 horses in comfort? then book your 7.5tonne (c1) course with the number 1 company in the uk with a pass rate well above the national average you have an excellent chance of passing first time

C1+E training

welcome to next level driving do you need to tow a trailer behind your c1 vehicle?did you know you may be restricted to only 750kg? we can offer you a C1+E course that will allow you to tow up to 4500kg.We can offer you an excellent service with an excellent first time pass rate

Motor Homes training

If your new to towing a motor home, you may want to consider some extra lessons with us. We teach you for life as well as getting you through the C1 test.