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Trailer training

Towing courses & trailer training in Milton Keynes are some of the best courses we provide, it is suitable for drivers of levels.


Caravan Training

We know towing a caravan is tricky, we offer great caravan training in Milton Keynes that will give you all the skills required to confidently carry this out.

Horse trailer

Horse trailer Training

We provide the best 7.5 Tonne training the UK and we have very easy to drive vehicles that can used for your C1 test. This course is taught by our highly skilled instructors.

7.5 Tonne

7.5 Tonne Training

Our highly skilled instructors can provide you with the necessary skills to ensure you are well trained with our 7.5 tonne training.


Ambulance driver training

Our company provides the best ambulance driver training in Milton Keynes, it is carried out by our highly skilled and experienced instructors. The course is very flexible can be Tailored to meet your needs.

Horse Box

Horse Box Training

If you need good and affordable horse box training, we provide the best horse box training that will help you achieve your C1 qualification.

Delivery Man

C1+E Training

The C1 training in Milton Keynes is aimed at first time van drivers or drivers who simply want a refresher course, it is taught by our highly skilled instructors who ensure you are safe, legal and confident while driving your van.

Mini Bus

Mini Bus

We are in partnerships with several schools/ colleges to provide their staff with mini bus training and help them achieve the D1 part of their licences.

B+E, C1, D1 Courses in Milton Keynes

Next Level Driving has had great success in Milton Keynes with a pass rate of 90%. Our driving courses are specialised and focused on taking your driving to the next level! Our courses include trailer training in Milton Keynes and ambulance driver training in Milton Keynes

Why choose Us?

  • We train you on everything you need to know to keep you safe on the roads as well as get you pass standard
  • We are a driving school with a difference. All of our driving courses are personalised to the student
  • Our trainers are trained to a high level and are all DVSA fleet registered.
  • Our courses take your driving to the next level. We have an impressive first time pass rate of 90%.