See below a list of our B+E Course Prices :

All our courses are on a one-to-one basis, ensuring you get the best possible training.

Course offers exclude Test Fee.

*If you can find a company within a 50 mile radius cheaper than us for a like for like course, then let us know. We will price match it for you.

* Screen shot or confirmation of price required email to :

Assessment (2 Hours)
Get assessed and find out which course is best suited to you.
£50* Excludes Test Fee
Test Fee
Pre Pay for your test here and we will book your test on your behalf.
Refresher Course
Suitable for someone already passed and wants to build back confidence
1 Day Course (7 hours)
Suitable for someone with experience in towing or has an advanced driving cert.
£330* Excludes Test Fee
2 Day Course (14 hours)
Suitable for someone who has no experience with towing or no advanced driving cert
£660* Excludes Test Fee
3 Day Course (21 hours)
Suitable for someone who lacks confidence or 2/3 candidates sharing the vehicle
£990* Excludes Test Fee