The 1997 Towing Law States:

  • Driving Licence: Category B vehicle weight upto 3,500kg.
  • legislation pre january 1997-you should have B+E on the back of your photocard licence and can tow a combination of unto 7,000kg(C1 8,250kg) maximum authorised mass (MAM)
  • Post January 1997 - you may only have category B on your photo card licence, which means you can only tow a combination of upto 3,500kg (MAM) (if vehicle weight is 3,500kg then you may only tow 750kg (total = 4,250kg) MAM).
  • New drivers from the 19th january 2013- Light trailers weighing no more than 750kg. Trailers weighing more than 750kg combined weight must not exceed 3,500kg. Category B+E the trailer that you tow must not be heavier than 3,500kg. An MAM of 7,OOOkg
  • General rule of thumb - only tow upto 85% of vehicles?? weight - always consult your vehicles handbook.
  • On completion of the towing course you will be allowed to tow a variety of trailers including horse, caravan, box, boats and plant machinery.

For a more in-depth explanation, go to www.directgov.co.uk

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